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Tiny Tanks

Tiny Tanks is one of the most popular flash games today. It is a game about tanks with a lot of interesting features that gonna make you addicted to it for hours. So, as I have already told you, this game is about tanks, tiny tanks that make a real warfare on the small board. Tiny Tanks feature several game modes, including the Single Player mode, where you will find out how to control your tank, kill enemies and so on. In single player mode you have to complete different quests, for example in the first level, you have to destroy as many tanks as you can in limited period of time. According to your results, you will be given Bronse, Silver or Golden medal. Those medals are very important, because using them you can unlock new tanks and new features in the Tank Shop.

Tiny Tanks also feature an awesome multiplayer mode. You can play with thousands of real players worldwide. As soon as you choose the multiplayer option, you will view all active games. Just join them and start playing online. If all servers are full, you can create your own game and host room for other players.

There is also another feature that gonna make you happy. It's Level Editor. Using this option, you can create your own levels. Remember that at the beginning of the game, you have to register a free account. It is very easy and at the same time very important. Your gaming progress is automatically saved at our website. Just bookmark our page TinyTanks2.Com to continue playing later. Have Fun.